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Tech Centre’s Telephony Portfolio allows businesses to easily and affordably integrate the latest telephone technologies and take advantage of features typically reserved for large corporations.

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Your business demands easy to use and feature rich communication that is cost-effective and Tech Centre Telephony was built for you.


Flexible plans with All-In pricing for North America calling + features

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Your extension can find you at another number or extension, such as when you're away from your desk


Have an automated system answer and direct your incoming calls


Create your own conference rooms or conference up to 5 right from your phone

Voicemail to Email

Receive your voicemail directly in your Email inbox

Call Queues

Allow callers to be placed into a Queue to be answered in sequence or priority


Work from anywhere and appear to be at the office

Time-Based Routing

Schedule times for regular open hours or holidays and have the phones work differently automatically

Tech Centre Telephony comes in two flavours:

Fully Hosted Cloud Telephony

Low start-up costs

Perfect for Small Business


No server to install or maintain

On-Site Telephony Deployment

Low monthly rates

Designed for 10+ employees

Server installed at your office

Every Tech Centre phone plan has a slew of features
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