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Tech Centre recommends signing up for a FREE PayPal account and linking credit, debit, or bank account for easy payment. 
There are no processing fees and you still earn points (such as travel)!

PayPal account is not required to make a payment but will be restricted to credit card. 

Tech Centre

Payment Guide

Step 1:

Enter the invoice number and the full amount of that invoice. 
If they don't match you can't continue!

Step 4: One-Time Payment
(no PayPal account)

Enter payment details.

Be sure to accept PayPal's terms and conditions.

Step 2:

Enter your payment amount and choose "PayPal Checkout."
The full amount is automatically entered. 

Step 5:

Verify your company name and amount and choose "Process Payment".

Your invoice number will be in quotes.

Step 3:

Log in or Create a FREE account for more payment options and historical record of transactions.

No PayPal account?  Make a one-time payment by choosing "Pay with a credit or Visa Debit card"

Step 6:


Click the "X" in top right to continue with your day!

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