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Work anywhere from any device with exceptional security, performance, reliability, and compliance.

Business users working with technology

Tech Centre's Hosted Desktop service moves your applications, settings, and files and puts them into a secure data centre in the Cloud. 

By centralizing your entire workload your business benefits in many ways


Use any desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile to access the your desktop.

From anywhere,

use anything.


Eliminate loss or theft of sensitive company data as no data is stored on the devices used to access the desktops


Any Internet connection will allow you to access your desktop and all of your files and applications

Disaster Recovery

Backups are maintained on a regular basis and can be restored quickly

Cost Reduction

Reduce requirement for on-site or staffed IT support as all workloads are centrally managed

Cost Control

Desktops are billed per user, allowing you to know what your IT Operational Expenses are going to be

Business Continuity

Desktops are maintained and served from reliable and redundant server


Regulated industries benefit from centralized and verifiable management

Take control of your IT environment, sensitive data, and costs. 

Choose Tech Centre Hosted Desktop to start today!

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