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Business users working collaboratively on a computer.

How we can help your business


Some might say that we've seen it all - our team has a combined accumulation of 40 years support and deployment in the technology industry, with proficiency in many operating systems dating back to the 90's.

Continuous Improvement

This is in our Core Values declaration and it drives the team.  If we aren't continuously improving we are providing a disservice to our clientele and that is simply unacceptable.  Trust that Tech Centre will do what it takes to earn your business every day.


Technology evolves so quickly that we are dedicated to continuing education and learning so that we are able to provide you with the best advice for strategic growth that will shape your business IT future.

Our product offering may be slim but that is why we choose only on the products and solutions that make a difference in our client's businesses.  We also only work with businesses directly and not get distracted with consumers nor retail environments.



We believe that everyone should work toward a healthy community and one of Tech Centre's Core Value is "Charitable."  Our staff has been tremendous in giving back to our communities through Food Drives and volunteering!  We want to work with clients who have the same mindset. Be sure to let us know if you are looking for help in your community project!

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