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At Tech Centre, we believe that "a business without a Disaster Recovery plan is vulnerable with any data loss."

As a business owner or decision maker, you fully understand that the data your business generates is critical to your success.  Your client information, sensitive business documents, financials, emails, and more at at risk from a growing list of failures.  Determining the best methods of protecting your business is a daunting task that has serious ramifications in an emergency data loss.

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Tech Centre uses the latest technology and employs proper and advanced industry techniques to not only come up with a plan but deploy and maintain to ensure a successful recovery when the need arises. 

Regardless of your configuration, Protect IT! can safeguard any physical, virtual, or cloud environment.

Tech Centre Protect IT Backup services cover every aspect of a fully secure, redundant, and comprehensive protection portfolio.

Full Image Backup

Quickly and easily save an entire Operating System complete with software, configurations which provides the most flexibility when needing to restore.

End-to-End Encryption

Backups stored off-site are fully encrypted and secured prior to being sent over the Internet.  All backups are also stored fully encrypted at rest and encrypted for transit during recovery of  files.

File and Folder Backup

Choose any files or folders on any Operating System to be backed up.

Fast Backups
and Restores

The engine behind Protect IT! backups was engineered for quick backups that do not interfere with the system being saved.  Recoveries are also fast and easy to complete.

Bare Metal Recovery

Quickly restore an entire server or workstation to any other hardware or virtual platform.  Restore in minutes instead of hours or days!

All Systems

Supports almost every type of Operating System including physical, virtual, and cloud-based systems

Central Management

Single web-based and secure dashboard allows you to maintain and monitor all of your backups, across all devices.  Both backups and restoration processes can be managed directly from the Dashboard!


Zero upfront costs and only pay for the Cloud storage you are using.

Use Tech Centre Backup in order to protect your business from any type of data loss scenario.  

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