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Our Cloud Solutions were developed to allow our clients to become more flexible, more productive, and reduce expenses.

Tech Centre primarily deploys with:

Productivity Suite

Cloud Services

Microsoft 365 Cloud Services

Microsoft's Office 365 provides a suite of collaborative business tools with a per user pricing structure.

Get the benefits of many applications with one subscription that ties in everything; saving money by avoiding purchasing multiple packages from different vendors to achieve the same goals.

Microsoft 365 has many applications that will benefit your business in many ways

Skype for Business

Real-time meetings, screen sharing, presentations, and collaboration with anyone, anywhere.

Desktop Applications

Office 365 can include the same programs you know and love which work as traditional software.


Bring chat, video, documents, and content together into one digital hub to allow your team get things done seamlessly and from anywhere.

Mobile Applications

Included are mobile versions of Desktop applications to let you work with your documents while on the road.

SharePoint Online

Provide your staff the collaboration tools necessary to keep them all on the same page.  Protect your business with advanced Content Management.


Class-leading email services which synchronize everything related to your email - calendar, contacts, and more!

OneDrive for Business

Fully synchronized storage that is accessible from anywhere on all devices.  Share and collaborate on documents with anyone.

Security & Compliance

Designed to help manage compliance features across Office 365 for your organization.

Tech Centre  has the experience to properly plan, deploy, and utilize Office 365 for your business.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure is a highly advanced and redundant global network of servers that allow businesses to run services and applications.  It's the best way to get into Cloud computing without significant investment in your own infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure will dramatically change your IT environment by allowing your business to be more flexible and quicker to market than your competition


Governments, startups, and 90% of Fortune 500 companies use Azure for their Cloud.


Your business can be made completely mobile and available on any device yet secure enough to offer the most compliance for any industry.


Create intelligent apps leveraging Microsoft's existing artificial intelligence services.


Easily create new servers or increase the performance of your existing servers without purchasing new licensing or hardware

Allow Tech Centre's team to help learn about and deploy your Cloud technology.

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